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Hello world. I recently shot 10 free actors headshots for those that are struggling to pay for casting website costs and subscriptions or for those who are newbies to the industry that don’t have headshots to represent them. It went amazingly well!

Now, I’m going to do a very similar thing for corporate headshots.I am going to ask you to donate to a great cause!

Where does your donation go?

Your donation will go here –

My friend Charlotte Cross and her team and are going to kit out the homeless folk of Brighton with warmth this Christmas and every penny counts.

Your options are:

£5 – buys 10 pairs of thermal socks

£10 – buys 3 thermal fleece scarves

£15 – buys 5 insulated hats

In return, you get a headshot for your Linkedin and other social media profiles, un-watermarked, edited, full size and free.

Your direct link is:

The Session

I am based at number 2 Soho Square.

• White/grey Backdrop

• Approx 20 mins per person (2 people max from the same company)

• 1 image per person (more can be purchased if necessary)

• Monday 14th November

Please get in touch with me on chat or via email and I will happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to share.

Thank you very much!



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