Free Actors Headshots – The Results
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Free Actors Headshots – The Results

At the end of August 2016 I decided to give some of my time and work to 10 actors that maybe couldn’t afford headshots on top of their Casting Call Pro, Spotlight or Casting Networks membership fee’s.

My goal was to break it down and find the actors that are serious about what they do and I couldn’t have been happier about the people that showed up.

They are hard working actors who believe in their craft and want to succeed.

We can all talk a great game, but when it comes to it, do you really do enough? Are you going all out to achieve your dream? For some people, that’s where it stops.. at a dream. I had dozens and dozens of replies to the ads I placed on Gumtree, Twitter, Facebook and this website. Some I felt weren’t right or already had decent headshots taken by super shooters like Michael Wharley and such like.

Since starting to work with actors in London around 5-6 years ago, I have come to realise a few things. That some talk way too much about what they WANT to do but do nothing about it. Some talk about how desperate they are to be famous or THE comment comes out.. “I want this SO BAD”.. want what exactly?

I sit with a couple of actor friends every month and we talk about goals and achievements, future and most importantly, dreams that we plan to turn into reality.

I had hoped for 10 people to attend this free shoot… sadly, only 1 out of the 3 that didn’t show had the decency to tell me they weren’t coming. That would have been free to pick up the phone and tell me.

I don’t mind offending people sometimes because it usually means I’ve said something you feel.

You have to start working towards them goals, create a path, a plan, a vision/mood board and see where you are going. The 7 that turned up all told me something real. They looked me in the eye when they spoke to me about where they are going next. From Stephanie who knows what her next role will be to Jessica Arden who was the youngest but in some senses, the wisest. She knows precisely what she does NOT want.

Empower yourself and breathe nothing but positivity. Eventually, you will succeed. Be an honest, decent person and work your skin back into to the earth.

I hope you enjoy having a look through the new headshots on my home page and I look forward to meeting the NEXT 10 (probably 7).

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